Ultimate Six #6

Ultimate Six #6
Marvel Comics
Writer: Brian Michael Bendis
Pencils: Trevor Hairsine
Inks: Danny Miki
Price: $2.25

Rating: 3 1/2 stars

The Ultimate titles have been some of Marvel’s most successful in the last few years. Bringing a fresh eye on continuity, without the restrictions of years of stories already told, it has been interesting to watch the stories unfold. From Peter Parker’s modernization to the more touchy feely Professor Xavier, I have enjoyed every page of the stuff. Ultimate Six is no exception, as the action is unparalleled. It is also your only chance to get a consistent look at The Ultimates while Millar and Hitch reboot that title.

The Ultimate Six is a new take on the villains of the same name from the old school Spider-Man titles. This particular incarnation is deadly not only for the combination of villains, but for the newness of such a team up in the Ultimate universe. I have been fascinated to watch Peter Parker have to deal with the fact that Norman Osborn wants to blow the lid off his secret identity, while still keeping an unparalleled hate for Nick Fury burning. Doc Ock and Electro are as deadly as they have been portrayed, and it is apparent that they are as out for blood as Osborn.

Issue six is an all out battle between The Ultimates and Ultimate Six for all the crackers in the box. As Peter must put his sense of duty above his fear for Aunt May, and Iron Man faces a near fatal blow, the action is incredible in it’s intensity. As the foes battle on the lawn of the White House, it looks like someone’s not walking out alive. Also, Fury has an ace up his sleeve that is shown on the last page. It’s anybody’s ballgame up until that moment.

I have really grown to appreciate Trevor Hairsine’s pencils with Danny Miki’s inks. Lush and detailed, the art looks incredible on each page. Avalon Colors adds the final touch that makes each scene jump off the paper. I would go so far as to say that Hairsine should draw The Ultimates in tandem with Hitch in the regular series. His versions of Captain America and The Wasp are perfection.

Brian Michael Bendis keeps the helm steady in this mini series, with a human view of Peter countering the take-no-prisoners attitude of more hardened heroes like Cap and Iron Man. It doesn’t hurt that Bendis writer Ultimate Spider-Man and has been the hand that has written the tales of the Ultimate Six villains up to this point. His pacing has allowed Hairsine to show off his great ability to draw action scenes, and has given Nick Fury a different spotlight.

Ultimate Six is an inexpensive buy for quality entertainment at it’s finest. From the opening salvo in issue one to the all-out action in this one, the book has given consistent value with gorgeous art and compelling story telling. I would recommend the book to any fan of the Ultimate universe, and for new readers who want to find a good jumping on point. Ultimate Six fits the bill nicely.

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