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Superman #204 – I don’t want to overstate too much, but WOW! I thought this was a great issue. I had to read it twice to really get a grasp on it, and should probably read it again the let everything truly settle, but who’d have thought that a talking head story with Superman could be so outstanding? This issue serves as a wonderful reminder that Superman, though he can lift buildings and fly to the heart of the sun, is first and foremost “Super” because of his strength of character. More than ever, I’m looking forward to seeing how “For Tomorrow” progresses. And of course I don’t have to say anything about Jim Lee, but I will anyway: beautiful renderings, amazing layouts, style for days. You can see why this guy sells comic books.

Batman #626 – Oddly, while Azzarello more or less blew me away on Superman this week, his Batman Arc, Broken City, didn’t do near as much for me. Now Judd Winick comes in and pumps things up again. I really liked this issue. Nice atmosphere provided by Nguyen

The Flash #209 – Every time I think this title has peaked, it bumps up another level. Consistently one of my favorite comics since the Waid era, and it just keeps getting better. I get the distinct feeling that there are some bits and pieces falling into place for Identity Crisis here. Howard Porter gets a hearty welcome back to comics from me.

Green Lantern #176 – This wouldn’t have to be very good to be better than Raab’s run, but in 1 issue Marz reminds me about what I loved about his writing on the title. This is the mint that finally clears the somewhat bitter taste of Raab’s arc out of my mouth. Nobody knows Kyle like Marz does, and it really shows in this issue. Character driven, smart, funny, touching. Now that we know that this is the final story arc of this incarnation of Green Lantern, it seems even more poignant. The art by Ross and Ramos is the best this title has seen in ages as well.

JLA #97 – Old fashioned. Period. There are probably people who despise this down to the deepest reaches of their bowels, but I’m enjoying it. It reminds me of the Justice League of America comics that were being published when I first started reading comics and that’s not such a bad thing. I’m guessing Nudge and her 4 armed monkey, Grunt will be joining the Doom Patrol when this is all over.

Legion #32 – Every time I think I’m out, they pull me back in. Things slow down in this title from time to time and then I lose interest. Now the whole Livewire in crystalline Element Lad body being hunted down as “The Progenitor” thing keeps my seatbelt on. I’m still not certain of what’s going to happen to this book when DnA leave, but I’m obviously staying until the end of this arc, now, since it’s only one more issue. This is the longest I’ve ever consistently bought Legion since the early 80s, so I have to give those guys some serious props.

Harley and Ivy #1 – Goofy. Fun. Fanboys across America have gotten out their tracing paper and are working hard at removing the carefully placed soap bubbles in the shower scene as we speak.

Catwoman #30 – I thought the old art style was a better match for the tone of this book, but the story is still very good. Selina gets her ass kicked by Zeiss -bad. Very cinematic structure in this issue and a good cliffhanger to boot.

Batgirl #51 – Beautiful cover. Seen the “Poison Ivy takes over Park in Gotham” thing before on both the Animated Series and during No Mans Land so that doesn’t exactly break new ground, or parkland. Some good development on the character side for Cassie, though.

Batman: LOTDK #178 – Part two of Devin Grayson?s two parter and probably the most enjoyable thing published in this title in the last year or two. I love seeing Catwoman’s frustration as she gets constantly outwitted by Matches Malone. It’s not ’til the end she realizes why this guy can always get the drop on her.

X-Statix #22 – Part two of the “Vs. The Avengers” arc. Part one set the stage (Doop kidnapped by terrorists using his brain as a super weapon, brain explodes, X-Statix and Avengers race around the globe trying to retrieve the brain pieces before the other team does ? (the Avengers are probably feeling some d?j? vu?like they’ve just done something similar recently…) Captain America makes short work of The Anarchist, but Dead Girl shows that when fighting submerged in a big puddle of toxic slop she can match the Scarlet Witch.

-Eric Haar

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