Live Free (Unless You Want To Copy Your Movie To Your Computer)

In a move that would be curious if it weren’t so typically stupid of Hollywood and Microsoft, the much vaunted digital version of “Live Free Or Die Hard” that’s coming with the DVD and allows you to copy it to your PC also has some idiotic caveats. Not only are you limited to playing it on just one PC and one USB connectible device, but that device better not be an iPod, Zune or PSP because the Plays4Sure tech Fox is wrapping the file in is 100% incompatible with any of those three major portable media players. The Fox Digital Copy tech is insanely restrictive, killing the usefulness of the file on delivery.

This does raise an interesting question, though – how will this affect sales of used copies on ebay? Will there become two tiers of this sort of DVD with the versions with unused licenses getting a few bucks more? My gut reaction is that nobody will care and this experiment will be as big a failure as every other DRM scheme the studios have hatched in the past, but it’s still going to be worth watching, just for fun.

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